Exponentially Elevate Your Impact On Leadership

Helping women in education become confidently courageous, dynamic, and transformational leaders!

Finding the REAL You!

I know what you are thinking. This is just another course that will not have any results. Lucky for you, this is so much more. If you are a woman in education who feels stuck on your life’s journey and doesn’t know where to go or what to do, this course is for you. If you are feeling overwhelmed, lack self-confidence, and don’t like who you are, this course is for you! Jump on a Discovery Call and see if we are a good fit for each other.

You Can Do This!

You have tried everything to land that next leadership role? You have researched the internet, talked with friends, talked with family, and even go to church regularly. Even so, you are still stuck! You are asking, “What is wrong with me?”, "Why is everyone else getting promoted and I am still here?", or “Why can’t I do this?”.

The answer is that you don’t have a coach like me who can guide you through the process, be there to motivate you, inspire you, and guide you. But, you must do the work yourself. Let’s begin today!

Are you fed up with who you are today? Let’s jump on a call and get you on the right path toward the NEW YOU!

Your Path to Exponentially Elevating Your Impact

Welcome to "Exponentially Elevating your Impact in Educational Leadership," a transformative program designed for individual women seeking to cultivate courage and confidence on their leadership journey. This empowering program comprises several modules that guide you through pivotal steps, including determining the need for change, discovering your purpose, crafting your vision, mastering effective communication, developing positive leadership skills, and taking impactful action. Join us on this empowering journey, as we equip you with the knowledge and skills to inspire change, lead with purpose, and make a lasting impact in the field of educational leadership.

Module #1:

Cultivating Your Passionate Purpose

What drives you, what makes you get up each morning and do what you do. How you can continue to RISE each day! How can you start off each day in a positive manner, and how do you fixate versus focus on your purpose?

Module #2:

Establish Your Vivid Vision

What you really want in life to the point that you can see it, share it, and take actionable steps each day. To reach your vision, you will set goals, then determine processes that then determine your daily habits.

Module #3:

Transform with GRIT

and Grace

How having a great foundation, plan, and processes while being fixated will strengthen your determination to reach your goals.

Module #4:

Purposeful Communication Connection

Learning how personality can correspond to communication styles and success will enhance your success in the future. By raising your awareness of leadership as a teachable skill which all starts with influence. And influence depends on our ability to connect with people through communication.

Module #5:

Intentional Positive Leadership

Regardless of status or position, the influence you cultivate will impact people long after you are gone. Creating a positive influence will not only be a catalyst for your own success, it will become the legacy you will leave behind. The power of positive leadership will create a great culture, help you stay positive in adversity, and thrive during challenges and change.

Module #6:

Shifting from Motion to Action

When we realize our strengths, it is easy to evaluate our interactions with others. By understanding how we are seen, and the "why" behind the interactions we have, we can then take the appropriate steps toward meeting our vivid vision while understanding the journey along the way. By shifting from simply going through the process (motion) to taking steps towards our goals (action), we can finally experience continued growth through various catalysts.

Embrace YOUR BEST Life!

You have the power as a woman in education to grow, change, develop, and transform. So why can’t you do it alone? You need someone by your side to guide you, motivate you, and celebrate you! You will soon see how amazing you really are once you find the real you through this transformation. You will ultimately become a dynamic and motivated leader in your own life! Don’t waste another second!

Who is Dr. Duguid?

Dr. Stephanie Duguid is a renowned expert in Educational Leadership and an International Best-Selling Author. She is the founder of Do Good Leadership, a recognized leader among professional women. With over 100 conference invitations and numerous appearances at colleges and universities nationwide, Dr. Stephanie is a sought-after speaker known for her expertise in positive educational leadership and effective communication.

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Her acclaimed keynote, “Exponentially Elevate Your Impact as an Educational Leader,” focuses on defining purpose and vision for women in educational leadership, covering Positive Leadership, Mindset, Optimism, and Conflict Management. A former chief academic officer, Dr. Stephanie is consistently recognized for her contributions, earning accolades such as the Excellence Award from the National Institute of Staff and Organizational Development.

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Other Courses Coming Soon

If you are seeking other opportunities to grow and learn with me, I do have additional mini-courses (coming soon) specifically for goal setting and planning, student leadership development, college readiness, and communication connections.

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